22 septembre 2019 -
26 septembre 2019 / Brest

International conference

10th International Conference on High Temperature Ceramic Matrix Composites – HT-CMC 10

Global population growth and tremendous economic development has brought us to the crossroads of longterm
sustainability and risk of irreversible changes in the ecosystem. Energy efficient and ecofriendly technologies and systems are critically needed for further growth and sustainable development. While ceramic matrix composites were originally developed to overcome problems associated with the brittle nature of monolithic ceramics, today the composites can be tailored for customized purposes and offer energy efficient and ecofriendly applications, including aerospace, ground transportation, and powergeneration systems. The French LCTS laboratory (Laboratoire des Composites Thermo Structuraux) is
organizing and will host the 10th International Conference on High Temperature Ceramic Matrix Composites (HT-CMC 10) in Bordeaux, France from September 22-26, 2019. HTCMC-10 will continue the tradition of
successful previous conferences held in Bordeaux (France, 1993), Santa Barbara (USA, 1995), Osaka (Japan, 1998), Munich (Germany, 2001), Seattle (USA, 2004), New Delhi (India, 2007), Bayreuth (Germany, 2010), Xi’An (China, 2013) and Toronto (Canada, 2016). This conference series has been recognized as the
global and central meeting event in hightemperature ceramic composite science and technology. We invite all of you to take advantage of this opportunity to visit the great city of Bordeaux and actively participate in this conference. We are hopeful that this meeting will provide an excellent forum for interaction and friendship with international participants to discuss the latest trends in applications of ceramic technologies for sustainable development. We look forward to your participation in HT-CMC 10.


22 septembre 2019 -
26 septembre 2019


Faculté Victor-Segalen
20 rue Duquesne, Brest


Claude Foubert at secretary-htcmc10@agence-vert.com
or +33 247-273-330 with questions.