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VHCF8 - 8th International Conference on Very High Cycle Fatigue


5 juillet 2021 -
9 juillet 2021    
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5 juillet 2021 -
9 juillet 2021 / 

Congrès online & on-demand

VHCF8 – 8th International Conference on Very High Cycle Fatigue

[Initialement prévu du 31 août au 4 septembre 2020]

Aim & scope

After the 1980s epoch-making findings of internal fatigue fractures of high strength steel under numerous loading cycles, the very high cycle fatigue (VHCF) has been recognized as an emerging and unprecedented issue in the fields for material strength. These days, requirements for mechanical components and structures have been getting more demanding as represented by automobile engines, marine engines, turbine structures, high speed railway components, etc., and the reliability against the cyclic loading over 107 or even longer is regarded as one of the most important issue for strength design. Thus, improved understandings of the VHCF behaviors not only for metallic materials, but also for polymers and composites are essential to develop reliable fatigue life prediction methods. The Eighth International Conference on Very High Cycle Fatigue will focus on this topic.


Scientific Topic

The scientific topics will focus on

  • all metallic materials (ferrous materials, non-ferrous materials as Al, Mg, Ti, Ni etc.)
  • composites
  • advanced materials and MEMS

at material related number of cycles 106 to 1010 or higher.


A: Fundamentals, physics and mechanisms

  • A1    Mechanisms of crack initiation
  • A2    Nonpropagating cracks, growth of short and long cracks


B: Effecting parameters

  • B1    Influence of microstructure and defects
  • B2    Influence of environment and temperature
  • B3    Notch and gradient effects
  • B4    Effect of mean and residual stresses
  • B5    Effect of variable amplitude loading
  • B6    Effect of surface treatment


C: Experimental methods

  • C1    Fatigue testing machines
  • C2    Instrumentation and experimental methods
  • C3    Prognosis and health monitoring


D: Applications to components and structures

  • D1    Statistical and probabilistic modelling, development of life estimation models
  • D2    Assessment and modelling of fatigue damage and damage accumulation
  • D3    Actual structures and their components
  • D4    Case studies in industrial applications


E: Material databases and its application

  • E1    Material databases and application systems
  • E2    Analysis of material databases

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JSMS Committee on Fatigue of Materials, the Society of Materials Science, Japan


5 juillet 2021 -
9 juillet 2021


Prof. Takashi Nakamura, Hokkaido University, Sapporo, Japan
nakamut "at" eng.hokudai.ac.jp

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