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Texture and Anisotropy Day


27 mars 2020    
Toute la journée

Het Pand
Onderbergen 1, Gand

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Chargement de la carte…

27 mars 2020 / Gand

Journée thématique

Texture and Anisotropy Day

The annual Texture and Anisotropy Day will be organised on Friday 27 March 2020 at the Ghent University, under patronage of the German and French materials societies DGM and SF2M. 

The symposium will be organised in the venue Het Pand’, which is the Ghent University congress center located in the historical heart of the city.

Please, register not later than 16 March, 2020 !

Preceding the symposium, there will be a friendly get-together dinner * on 26 March 2020 at 19u30 in Restaurant ‘Pakhuis’.
* not included in registration fee

As a tentative and non-exclusive list of thematic topics, it is proposed:

  1. Post-processing crystallographic data sets aiming to obtain quantitative microstructural information. 
  2. Texture and anisotropy induced by additive manufacturing. 
  3. ….

Detailed programme will be communicated soon. 

évènement de la commission « TEXTURE-ANISOTROPIE »


SF2M - DGM - Université de Gand


27 mars 2020


Het Pand
Onderbergen 1, Gand


Leo Kestens
Full Professor
Ghent University