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23 juin 2021 -
25 juin 2021    
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One Great George Street
1 Great George St, Londres

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23 juin 2021 -
25 juin 2021 / Londres


Rolls 6 – 2021


[Initialement prévu du 3 au 5 juin 2020]

Roll making technology responds to advancements in rolling practices, developments of rolled steel materials, and developments of new roll manufacturing methods. The lag time involved in development and production of new roll* qualities often means existing roll inventories become prematurely obsolete. There is a growing concern that mill roll reliability could become a limiting factor for commercial adoption of new flat and long rolled metal material grades in existing rolling mills. Engineering-based mill roll specifications and roll material standards should be formulated to address future flat roll industry requirements.

New hot and cold mills of tomorrow will be designed to roll some of the most challenging materials being developed. Will roll specifications for the mills of tomorrow be different than specifications for today’s mills? If so how?

Rolling an increasingly challenging product mix also amplifies the need for mills to ensure an adequate operating environment for the rolls, e.g. in terms of cooling and lubrication in the mill and in terms of NDT systems and practices in the roll shop.

ROLLS 6 will address the following 10 principal themes:

  1. Keeping up with user demands – limits & new solutions for rolls due to novel steel grades and non-ferrous alloys, more powerful mills and new mill designs.
  2. Review of the different application fields in hot and cold flat rolling and in long products rolling – carbon steels, alloy steel, stainless steel and non-ferrous metal rolling.
  3. Roll environment during rolling – g. roll cooling, roll gap lubrication, skin cooling, corrosion, dry/wet temper rolling, inline roll surface cleaning
  4. Novel roll and disc manufacturing methods
  5. Rolls in a circular economy – recycling, (alternatives of) chrome-plated rolls & other sustainability aspects around rolls.
  6. Fit-for-purpose roll surface preparation – developments in turning, grinding, texturing and roll coatings technologies for prime metal product surface quality.
  7. Asset management aspects of rolls for the metals industries, including roll shop engineering, inventory management and Roll shop 4.0
  8. Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) methods, systems and procedures applied during rollmaking and/or in roll shops.
  9. Roll failure analysis & avoidance.
  10. Value-in-Use (VIU) and Total-Cost-of-Ownership (TCO) of Rolls: models and field examples.

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23 juin 2021 -
25 juin 2021


One Great George Street
1 Great George St, Londres


Allison Herve
Event Organiser
T. +44 (0)207 451 7310