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5 octobre 2021 -
7 octobre 2021    
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5 octobre 2021 -
7 octobre 2021 / 


PM Life – Hard Materials- Fundamentals

The PM-LIFE Technology Course on hardmetals, from this year not together with the Powders topic, is aimed at providing both theoretical background and practical experience on this type of materials. The lectures will cover analysis of raw materials, milling mixing procedures, compaction and sintering along with standard and non-standard characterization techniques (thermal analysis, mechanical properties, microstructure, residual stresses, etc). 

As for the other courses, the Fundamentals part will be carried out online over 3 days from 5th to 7th October, while the Practice part will take place again in 3 days at CEIT San Sebastián, Spain, from 8th to 10th November. 

Fundamentals : 5-7 October online. Practise : 8-10 November San Sebastián (Spain)


EPMA - European Powder Metallurgy Association


5 octobre 2021 -
7 octobre 2021


Bruno Vicenzi (bv@epma.com) or Delphine Nicolas (dn@epma.com).