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14 septembre 2021 -
15 septembre 2021    
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14 septembre 2021 -
15 septembre 2021 / 


PM Life – Full Density Processes – Fundamentals

The course will bring understanding of the major difficulties during the implementation of sintering powders in processes under pressure, via Fundamentals and Practice sessions, including the modelling approach. It will be possible to identify the adapted technology (HP, HIP, SPS…) to consolidate and sinter the metallic powders. The knowledge of the choices and limitations of each technique will be essential to produce net-shape or near-net-shape parts. Moreover, it will be useful to select “custom powders” to produce materials with controlled microstructure. Possibilities offered to other PM technologies (MIM, AM…) to perform post-treatments and assemblies by diffusion welding will be presented. Finally, several cases studies will be analysed for which specific characterization tools will be presented. 

A prerequisite will be some knowledge of materials science and metallurgy and notions of physical metallurgy. 


Fundamentals: 14-15 September 2021 Online. Practise: 17-19 November 2021 Dijon (France)


EPMA - European Powder Metallurgy Association


14 septembre 2021 -
15 septembre 2021


Bruno Vicenzi (bv@epma.com) or Delphine Nicolas (dn@epma.com).