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11 juillet 2021 -
16 juillet 2021    
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Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel
123 Queen St W, Toronto, Ontario

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11 juillet 2021 -
16 juillet 2021 / Toronto


numisheet 2021 – the 12th international conference & workshop on numerical simulation of 3D sheet metal forming processes

[Initialement prévu du 19 au 24 juillet 2020]

The NUMISHEET conferences have been established as a world-class forum through which new intellectual ideas and technology in the field of sheet metal forming simulations are exchanged.

Technical Areas

Materials Modelling and Experimental Testing Methods, Friction and Contact, Formability, Necking and Fracture, Instabilities and Surface Defects, Fracture and Damage, Numerical Methods, Springback, Incremental Sheet Forming, Roll Forming, Innovative Forming Methods, and Product & Process Design and Optimization, etc.

Benchmark/Simulation Studies

Two benchmarks are prepared:

  • Prediction of necking and fracture for a selected set of complex deformation histories;
  • Springback prediction of a deep drawn product for a selected set of processing conditions.

A third benchmark is anticipated and will be posted on the website when details become available.

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TMS - The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society


11 juillet 2021 -
16 juillet 2021


Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel
123 Queen St W, Toronto


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Pittsburgh, PA 15237
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