18 septembre 2022 -
21 septembre 2022 / Philadelphie


LMPC 2022 – Liquid Metal Processing & Casting Conference

The Liquid Metal Processing & Casting Conference (LMPC) convenes experts from both industry and academia to specifically discuss the latest advances in primary and secondary melt processing including vacuum induction melting (VIM), vacuum arc remelting (VAR), electroslag refining (ESR), and electron beam cold hearth remelting (EBCHR). No other dedicated conference specializes in this type of melting.

Topics planned for LMPC 2022 include but are not limited to:

  • Primary and Secondary Melt Processing (Vacuum Induction Melting, Vacuum Arc Remelting, Electroslag Refining, Plasma Melting, and Similar Processes)
  • Physical Property Measurements of Liquid Metals and Slags
  • Modelling and Control of Liquid Metallurgical Processes
  • Ceramic, Slag, and Refractory Reactions with Liquid Metals
  • Alloy Melt Refining, Evaporation and Gas/Metal Reactions
  • Origins of Defects During Liquid Metal Processing

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TMS - The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society


18 septembre 2022 -
21 septembre 2022


The Bellevue Hotel
200 South Broad Street, Philadelphie


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