6 juin 2022 -
10 juin 2022 / Lorient


IDDRG 2022 – 41st International Deep Drawing Research Group Conference

Beyond the horizon for conventional and non-conventional sheet forming processes

The IDDRG conferences have been established as an annual world-class forum, making major contribution in the field of the sheet metal forming processes. The 41th International Deep Drawing Research Group Conference will be held in Lorient, France, on June 6-10, 2022. **Save the date!**

The leading specialists and researchers from all over the world participate in the event to promote exchanges of new ideas in all engineering aspects of sheet metal forming.After two events disrupted by the COVID 19 pandemic and moved to online conferences by our Korean and German colleagues, we hope that the 2022 conference will allow colleagues of sheet forming community to meet face-to-face again.

The main title of the conference is “Beyond the horizon for conventional and non-conventional sheet forming processes” that reflects the up-to-date interest of the international community for sheet metal forming.

The main topics of IDDRG are listed below :

  • Non-conventional testing methods for appropriate material characterization (Mini-symposium)
  • Material constitutive modelling
  • Necking, instability and formability limit prediction
  • In-line control in sheet metal forming
  • Digitalization in tooling and intelligent tools for sheet metal forming
  • Advanced simulation methods for sheet metal forming
  • Damage and fracture in sheet metal forming
  • Tribology, friction and wear in forming
  • Shear cutting and blanking (Mini-symposium)
  • Sheared edge formability
  • AHSS and Gen-3 steels
  • Warm and hot forming
  • AI in sheet metal forming (Mini-symposium)

Link for more info on the 3 Mini-symposia

A forth symposium will be organized in the honour of Prof. Dr. Pavel Hora, from ETH Zürich. He has brought an outstanding contribution in the technological field of sheet metal forming and the numerical simulationn of the process. He has been an active member of the executive committee of IDDRG and is deeply involved in the international IDDRG community.

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Université Bretagne Sud -
ArcelorMittal France


6 juin 2022 -
10 juin 2022


Université Bretagne Sud
rue de Saint Maudé, Lorient


Prof. Sandrine THUILLIER, Université Bretagne Sud: sandrine.thuillier@univ-ubs.fr

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