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ICTAM 2024 - 26th International Conference of the Theoretical and Applied Mechanics


26 août 2024 -
30 août 2024    
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EXCO Daegu
10, Exco-ro, Buk-gu, Daegu

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26 août 2024 -
30 août 2024 / Daegu


ICTAM 2024 – 26th International Conference of the Theoretical and Applied Mechanics

Thematic Sessions

Fluid topics

FM01 Biological fluid mechanics
FM02 Boundary layers
FM03 Zero-emission combustion
FM04 Compressible flow
FM05 Convection
FM06 Drops, bubbles and interfaces
FM07 Multiphase and particle-laden flows
FM08 Flow instability and transition
FM09 Thin film flows
FM10 Geophysical and environmental fluid dynamics
FM11 Low Reynolds number flows and suspension
FM12 Micro- and nano-fluidics
FM13 Non-Newtonian and complex fluids
FM14 Computational fluid dynamics
FM15 Turbulence
FM16 Vortex dynamics
FM17 Waves in fluids
FM18 Electro- and magneto-hydrodynamics

Fluid /Solid topics

FS01 Acoustics
FS02 Emerging experimental techniques across the length and time scales
FS03 Nonlinear dynamics and pattern formation
FS04 Porous media and liquid foam
FS05 Fluid structure interactions
FS06 Granular materials and flows
FS07 Optimization for solids and fluids
FS08 Education in mechanics
FS09 Reduced order modeling of fluids and solids

Solid topics

SM01 Biomechanics and biomaterials
SM02 Tribology-contact and friction
SM03 Elasticity
SM04 Damage & fracture mechanics
SM05 Geomechanics and geophysics
SM06 Impact mechanics and wave propagation
SM07 Multi-component, composites and hierarchical materials
SM08 Phase transformations and thermomechanical phenomena
SM09 Additive manufacturing
SM10 Multibody and vehicle dynamics
SM11 Nanostructures and MEMS
SM12 Plasticity, viscoplasticity and creep
SM13 Stability and instability of materials and structures
SM14 Computational solid mechanics
SM15 Vibrations and control of structures
SM16 Soft materials and extremely deformable structures
SM17 Metamaterials architectured materials and topology optimization
SM18 Nonlinear dynamics for design

Mini Symposia

MS01 Chemo-mechanics and materials for energy conversion and storage
MS02 Soft matter, theory meets experiment
MS03 Nonlinear mechanical models for biological and bioinspired materials
MS04 Mechanics in health and sport
MS05 Data-driven mechanics and artificial intelligence
MS06 Fluid dynamics of disease transmission
MS07 Non-reacting and reacting fluid dynamics for sustainable propulsion systems
MS08 Fluid mechanical challenges for sustainability & climate change

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The International Union of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (IUTAM)


26 août 2024 -
30 août 2024


EXCO Daegu
10, Exco-ro, Buk-gu, Daegu
Corée du Sud



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