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EMMC19, 19th European Mechanics of Materials Conference


29 mai 2024 -
31 mai 2024    
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Universidad Politecnica de Madrid
Calle del Prof. Aranguren, 3, Madrid

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29 mai 2024 -
31 mai 2024 / Madrid


EMMC19, 19th European Mechanics of Materials Conference

The European Mechanics of Materials Conferences (EMMC) is a series of biyearly meetings organized under the auspices of the European Mechanics Society, Euromech, that has taken place during the last 25 years. The conference will be a meeting point of researchers with common interests in mechanics of materials from different perspectives including mechanical engineering, physics, biomechanics, applied mathematics, chemistry, etc. Contributions will cover research at different length scales including model development and validation, advanced experimental techniques and computational methods for mechanics of materials.

EMMC19 is organized in the following symposiums that will be chaired by recognized scientists in the topic:

S1: Processing-microstructure-mechanical behavior of polymers and biopolymers
Rafael Estevez (INP Grenoble, France)
Hans Van Dommelen (TU-Eindhoven, The Netherlands)

S2: Mechanics of composites: Experiments and modelling
Soraia Pimenta (Imperial College, UK)
Josep Costa (University of Girona, Spain)
Martin Fagersröm (Chalmers, Sweden)

S3: Mechanics of metals: Experiments and modelling
Martin Diehl (KUL, Belgium)
Manas Upadhyay (Ecole Polytechnique, France)

S4: Mechanics of architected materials: Experiments and modelling
Vikram Deshpande (University of Cambridge, UK)
Irene Beyerlein (University of Santa Barbara, US)

S5: Mechanics of multifunctional materials: Experiments and modelling
Daniel García (Carlos III University, Spain)
Stephan Rudykh (University of Galway, Ireland)

S6: Advances in Additive Manufacturing
Aude Simar (UC Louvain, Belgium)
Teresa Pérez Prado (IMDEA Materials, Spain)

S7: Mechanics of soft materials and structures
Benoit Roman (Sorbonne University, France)
Matteo Pezzulla (Aarhus University, Denmark)

S8: Fracture and damage
Emilio Martinez Pañeda (Cambridge, UK)
Thomas Pardoen (UCLouvain, Belgium)

S9: Fatigue, reliability, and lifetime predictions
Sean Leen (University of Galway, Ireland)
Nicolas Saintier (ENSAM, France)

S10: Coupled problems in material mechanics
Antonio J. Gil (University of Swansea, UK)
Laurence Brassart (University of Oxford, UK)

S11: Mechanics of biological materials & biomechanics
Antoine Jerusalem (University of Oxford, UK)
Estefanía Peña (U. Zaragoza, Spain)

S12: Experimental mechanics and microstructural characterization
Eric Maire (INSA Lyon, France),
Rolf Mahnken (University of Paderborn, Germany)

S13: Experimental nanomechanics
Christoph Kirchlechner (MPIE Dusseldorf, Germany),
Jon Molina (IMDEA Materials, Spain)

S14: Mechanics of porous and granular materials
Djimedo Kondo (Sorbonne University, Frace),
Franck Radjai (University of Montpellier, France)

S15: Advanced modelling techniques: Higher-order continua
Lorenzo Bardella (U. Brescia, Italy)
Samuel Forest (Mines ParisTech, France)

S16: Advanced modelling techniques: Time and space scale bridging
Varvara Kouznetsova (TU Eindhoven, The Netherlands)
Dennis Kochmann (ETHZ, Swizerland)

S17: Advanced modelling techniques: Mechanics of interfaces and phase transformations
Benoît Appolaire (U. Lorraine, France)
Hakan Hallberg (Lund University, Sweeden)

S18: Advanced modelling techniques: Data-driven mechanics of materials
Elias Cueto (U. Zaragoza, Spain),
Ludovic Noels (U Liege, Belgium)

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29 mai 2024 -
31 mai 2024


Universidad Politecnica de Madrid
Calle del Prof. Aranguren, 3, Madrid



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