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10 juillet 2022 -
14 juillet 2022    
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Congress Centre ICE Kraków
Marii Konopnickiej 17, Kraków

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10 juillet 2022 -
14 juillet 2022 / Kraków


Ceramics in Europe 2022

List of Symposia

A – Synthesis of powders

B – Ceramic processing (including: Innovative processing, manufacturing, additive manufacturing, HT processes, sintering)

C – Modelling, Simulation, characterization and digitalization of materials and processes (including process diagnosis for quality assessment/non-destructive testing)

D – Structural ceramics / Ceramic coatings / Porous ceramics

E – Functional ceramics (Dielectrics, Antiferroelectrics, Ion Conductors, Electronics, Piezoelectrics, Ferroelectrics, Multiferroics, Magnetics, Electrocalorics, Thermistors, Thermoelectrics)

F – Electronic Ceramics (Batteries; SOFC)

G – Ceramics for energy and environmental technology / Membranes

H – Ceramics and glasses for healthcare, Bioceramics and Optical ceramics, Bio-Electroceramics

I – HT materials / Refractories / Composites

J – Silicate/Traditional ceramics, Arts + Design

K – ACerS-ECerS Joint Symposium

L – ICC9 Industrial and Educational Session

M – ECerS and JECS Trust Awards Ceremony

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European Ceramics Society
International Ceramic Federation
International Committee of Electroceramics


10 juillet 2022 -
14 juillet 2022


Congress Centre ICE Kraków
Marii Konopnickiej 17, Kraków


e-mail address: ceramicsineurope2022@symposium.pl -
Meeting coordinator: Kamilia Dudek: kamilia.dudek@symposium.pl

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