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International worshop Innovative and sustainable metallurgy


16 octobre 2024 -
18 octobre 2024    
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Abbaye des Prémontrés de Pont-à-Mousson
9 rue Saint-Martin, Pont-à-Mousson

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16 octobre 2024 -
18 octobre 2024 / Pont-à-Mousson

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International worshop Innovative and sustainable metallurgy

The aim of this international workshop is twofold: (i) highlight some interesting innovations and international collaborations made in the framework of Labex DAMAS and (ii) focus on recent developments in which the of the scientists of University of Lorraine are now involved in terms of sustainable metallurgy.

To this end, for each selected topic, internationally recognised leaders as well as doctors and post-doctoral scientists funded by LabEx DAMAS – who are now still involved is research as academics or within industries – have been invited.


Wednesday October 16
Morning: Opening – The story of LaBex DAMAS / Afternoon: Alloy design and microstructure optimisation

Welcome to our International workshop on Innovative and Sustainable Metallurgy. While this morning session will essentially recall the genesis and evolution of LabEx DAMAS, the afternoon scientific session will concentrate on “Alloy design and microstructure optimisation”. Particular emphasis will be drawn on new alloy formulation in the framework of recyclability as well as microstructure evolution via liquid and solid states transformation.

Thursday October 17
Morning: Cutting-edge microstructure characterization / Afternoon: Multiscale modelling in metallurgy

The sessions today concentrate on multiscale advanced characterization and modelling of materials. Cutting edge microstructure characterization by synchrotron as well as transmission and scanning electron microscopies will be the focus of the morning session. In the afternoon, computers and modelling will be “celebrated” with special attention to recent advances in cross-scale modelling and artificial intelligence. Please, do not leave to early, as banquet will be served at the abbey.

Friday October 18
Morning: Innovative techniques in metal processing / Afternoon: Scientific challenges in metallurgy for a sustainable society

Materials processing lies at the heart of metallurgy and links our research to applications. The morning session concentrates on innovative techniques in metal processing such as additive manufacturing, severe plastic deformation and new surface modifications. The afternoon session concentrates on new scientific challenges in metallurgy to be addressed for a sustainable society. Special emphasis will be on the decarbonation of the steelmaking industry and the use, transportation and storage of hydrogen.

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Labex DAMAS - Design of Alloy Metals for low-mAss Structures


16 octobre 2024 -
18 octobre 2024


Abbaye des Prémontrés de Pont-à-Mousson
9 rue Saint-Martin, Pont-à-Mousson