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décembre 2021

2 décembre 2021 -
3 décembre 2021
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International Meeting RAW MATERIALS & RECYCLING

The environmental and economical sustainability of the metallurgical industry depends on the possibility to recover and recycle the metal products after their use. On the other hand, a new challenge is a zero-waste metallurgical process. Such an approach has to be faced from perspective involving commercial, economic and technical issues. Although recycling is an intrinsic feature of all the metallurgical processes, an efficient circular approach needs to take into account a correct selection and cleaning of the metallic and glassy-ceramic materials in order to allow their use in the process avoiding or limiting the exploitation and the consumption of the natural resources.

Date limite de soumission : 09/07/2021

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mai 2022

23 mai 2022 -
26 mai 2022
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HMnS 2022 – 5th International High Manganese Steel Conference

Austenitic single-phase high Mn steels, austenitic high Mn Nitrogen steels and multi-phase medium Mn steels between 3-30 wt-% will be addressed to cover the ongoing scientific and industrial developments in the design of Mn-rich high-strength steels.

Date limite de soumission : 30/10/2021

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juin 2022

22 juin 2022 -
24 juin 2022
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IRONMASTERS 2022, European Direct Reduced Iron and Alternative Ironmaking Conference

This Conference will bring together decision makers, technological, trade and economic experts as well as researchers in the area of DRI (Direct Reduced Iron) and alternative ironmaking.

Date limite de soumission : 01/11/2021

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juillet 2022

4 juillet 2022 -
7 juillet 2022
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EWSHM 2022 – 10th European Workshop on Structural Health Monitoring

This Workshop represents a forum where experts from around the world discuss the latest advancements and breakthroughs in the field of SHM and more broadly in the fields of nondestructive evaluation, smart materials and intelligent systems. The Workshop fosters the discussion and identification of key and emerging challenges and opportunities in research, development, and field applications.

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octobre 2022

25 octobre 2022 -
28 octobre 2022
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EuroBLECH 2021 – 26th International Sheet Metal Working Technology Exhibition

The world’s largest exhibition for the sheet metal working industry With exhibitors in 15 different technology sectors, it covers the entire sheet metal working technology chain.

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