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Volume 2 Hydrogen Storage for Sustainability


Auteur : Marcel Van de Voorde (Editor)
Part of the multi-volume work Energy, Environment and New Materials
De Gruyter
Parution : 07/09/2021
eBook ISBN: 9783110596281 ; 144,95 €
Hardcover ISBN: 9783110596236 : 144,95 €

Carbon neutral hydrogen technologies play a role in preventing climate change and the capacity to store and transport hydrogen will be critical in the growing hydrogen economy. This book focuses on new developments of hydrogen storage technologies and deals with an overview of the materials and science necessary for storing hydrogen with great attention to the synthesis, kinetics, and thermodynamics of new advanced materials e.a. porous carbon and nanomaterials.

Ideal book for students of materials science, chemistry, physics; for researchers, chemical- and mechanical engineers, for industrialists, policymakers, safety agencies and governments.

  • Discusses hydrogen storage as it relates to carbon nanomaterials, metal-organic frameworks (MOFs), zeolites, nanocrystals, etc.
  • Combines theory with practical cases with latest scientific results and practical approaches to design and engineering.