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Volume 1 Hydrogen Production and Energy Transition


Auteur : Marcel Van de Voorde (Editor)
Part of the multi-volume work Energy, Environment and New Materials
De Gruyter
Parution : 07/09/2021
eBook ISBN: 9783110596250 ; 144,95 €
Hardcover ISBN: 9783110596229 : 144,95 €

Carbon neutral hydrogen technologies play a key role in preventing climate change. Maximizing production of hydrogen in a clean and efficient manner is critical to the hydrogen economy. This book describes most of the potential hydrogen processing technologies and presents the state-of the- art and future developments of modern hydrogen technologies. Attention has been given to the theoretical aspects, thermodynamics, process calculations, and modeling approaches, new technologies and reports of multiple successful new pilot systems.

The book should appeal to a brad readership and ideal for students of materials science, chemistry, physics; for researchers, chemical- and mechanical engineering, for industrialists, policymakers, economics, safety agencies and governments.

  • Covers hydrogen production by electrolysis, water splitting, biohydrogen reactors, biomass conversion, etc.
  • Combines theory with practical knowledge and experience