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Hydrogen production, storage and applications (3 volumes)


Auteur : Éditeur Marcel Van de Voorde - Ouvrage collectif
Written by reference scientists and managers in the field, these books offer a unique panorama to understand in a comprehensive approach the emerging possibilities of hydrogen, from scientific to business, with a critical eye on the growing hydrogen economy.
De Gruyter
Parution : 08/09/2021

Carbon neutral hydrogen technologies play a key role in preventing climate change. Maximizing production of hydrogen in a clean and efficient manner is critical to the hydrogen economy.

Volume 1: Hydrogen Production and Energy Transition
Covers hydrogen production by electrolysis, water splitting, biohydrogen reactors, biomass conversion, etc.
Combines theory with practical knowledge and experience

Volume 2: Hydrogen Storage for Sustainability
Discusses hydrogen storage as it relates to carbon nanomaterials, metal-organic frameworks (MOFs), zeolites, nanocrystals, etc.
Combines theory with practical cases with latest scientific results and practical approaches to design and engineering.

Volume 3: Utilization of Hydrogen for Sustainable Energy and Fuels
Discusses the technologies that use hydrogen to produce energy for mobile and stationary applications.
Combines engineering fundamentals, commercially deployed technologies, with practical experience and prototypes development

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