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Composite reinforcements for optimum performance


Auteur : Philippe BOISSE
Regroupe des chapitres concernant différentes propriétés des renforts de composites.
Woodhead Publishing (Elsevier)
Parution : 28/09/2011
704 pages ;
eBook: ISBN 978-0-85709-371-4 - 201,60€ ;
Hardcover: ISBN 978-1-84569-965-9 - 180,93€ ;
Paperback: V978-0-08-101679-4

Key Features

  • Reviews the materials, properties and modelling techniques used in composite production and highlights their uses in performance optimisation
  • Covers materials for reinforcements in composites, including fibres, carbon nanotubes and ceramics
  • Discusses characterising and modelling of reinforcements in composites, focusing on such topics as microscopic and mesoscopic approaches, X-ray tomography analysis and modelling reinforcement forming processes