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Black hole in the universe


Auteur : Junhui TANG
Image candidate Prix Jacquet 2022
Chimie ParisTech
Parution : 29/10/2022

La publication de cette image par des tiers est soumise à l’autorisation de l’auteur.

Descriptif technique :

Magnification: 1000x
Material: Al-Cu-Mg alloy

Technique de réalisation/Apport scientifique :

The prototype of this work is the pore defects generated during the deposition process of the aluminum alloy under the spray deposition process. The inspiration for the creation came from the black hole photos that were actually observed several years ago. On this basis, embellishments are given based on interstellar galaxies.
When Stephen Hawking first proposed the concept of a black hole, people doubted its authenticity. However, after persistent exploration, the mystery of the universe was finally deciphered, and the key to the exploration of life outside human beings was opened. The world of materials is boundless like the universe, and a new discovery under the microscope may open a door to the world of materials.

Provenance : IRCP Chimie ParisTech