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26 mars 2023 -
31 mars 2023    
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Chemin du Vernex 3, Les Diablerets

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26 mars 2023 -
31 mars 2023 / Les Diablerets

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Solidification course 2023

This one-week course held in English is designed for engineers and scientists from industry and research centers who wish to improve their knowledge in the field of solidification. Participants should have a degree in materials science, metallurgy, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, physics or chemistry.

Although the theoretical background of solidification is reviewed, the course is oriented towards the relation of solidification theories to industrial practice. Applications of these concepts are made to processes including additive manufacturing, shape casting, continuous casting, and directional solidification in a variety of metallic systems.

The fundamental aspects of solidification (e.g., phase diagrams, heat and mass transfer) are addressed together with the formation of microstructures (e.g., grain structures, dendrites, eutectics) and defects (e.g., porosity, hot tearing, microand macro-segregation). Connection between macroscopic and microscopic aspects, such as the prediction of these microstructures and defects as a function of process parameters, is emphasized. For the second time, a course covering various aspects of additive manufacturing, including rapid solidification theory, will be presented.

In addition to the lectures, group exercises, discussions, and films are organized in order to apply, practice, and visualize the course content. The interaction between the limited number of participants (maximum 40) and the eight lecturers has proven in the past to allow an optimum transfer of knowledge during the whole week, both in and out of the sessions. To continue this tradition, private or
group discussions can take place during social hours, evenings, and Wednesday afternoon in order to treat more specific problems which the participants may encounter.

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Calcom ESI -
École Polytechnique Fédérale Lausanne


26 mars 2023 -
31 mars 2023


Chemin du Vernex 3, Les Diablerets