27 octobre 2021 -
29 octobre 2021 /


PM Life – Metal Powders – Practise

The programme on metal powders, from this year not together with the Hard Materials topic, will provide a comprehensive overview of the latest technologies in metal powder manufacturing ranging from classical atomization techniques to novel approaches for micrometre sized and nanometre sized metal powder fabrication. Particular attention will be placed in communicating how the overall characteristics of metal powder and surface, shape, structure, and size of powder can be tuned and assessed to fit potential applications. Experts from both academia and industry will be involved. As for all PM Life 2021 Technology courses, the Fundamentals will be run via on-line interactive lectures and tutoring, while the Practice session will be held on site in Gothenburg, facilitating hands-on introduction and demonstration of advanced characterization, and networking between trainers and trainees.

Fundamentals : 21-22/09/2021 online. Practise : 27-29/10/2021 Göteborg (Sweden)


EPMA - European Powder Metallurgy Association


27 octobre 2021 -
29 octobre 2021


Bruno Vicenzi (bv@epma.com) or Delphine Nicolas (dn@epma.com).