1 avril 2020 / Bruxelles


Opportunities for PM due to Electrification

With a push towards wider use of electrical or hybrid vehicles, new supply chains, sometimes from completely different sectors, are establishing as competitors to PM.

To keep a good position as suppliers for the OEMs and take advantage of this opportunity, PM companies need to adapt and put focus into different areas, like understanding the real competitiveness in terms of global life cycle assessments, investigating the use of PM materials like Soft Magnetic Composites and Functional Materials in the new propulsion engines and automotive components, improving weight reduction and noise control by the use of PM parts, improving the performance to make new heavy load applications available (e.g. for transmission gears).

The seminar will be a half-day meeting on April 1 morning in Brussels, in conjunction with the EPMA General Assembly (April 2) and Board and Council meetings, so EPMA members will have the chance to join the relevant events as well.

Course Fee

Academics & Research Centres: €50
EPMA Members (paid up): €50
Non-Members: €100
End Users: €50*

Dinner on 1 April (optional): €50

The course fee includes a coffee break, lunch as well as access to presentations after the seminar.

Registration Deadline: 11 March 2020


EPMA - European Powder Metallurgy Association


1 avril 2020


Thon Hotel Brussels City Centre
Avenue du Boulevard 17, Bruxelles


Sabine Hazoumé, EPMA Event and Project Co-ordinatror, at sh@epma.com.