14 avril 2019 -
17 avril 2019 / Lisbonne



MATERIAIS 2019 will explore the latest scientific and technical developments in Material Science and Engineering, and related areas, bridging different knowledge domains under the scope of the main thematic “Materials for a Better Life”. The International Symposium will cover all materials areas, namely Functional Materials, Structural Materials and Materials Processing, Characterization and Modelling. A TCM-Net Graduate School will be organized dedicated to Materials for Flexible Electronics and Sensing and, for the first time, a Special Session on Cultural Heritage will take place.

Detailed Programme

Symposium A | Functional materials
  • A1:  Materials for energy and environment
  • A2: Bio-inspired materials and materials for healthcare applications
  • A3: Magnetic, electric and photonic functional materials
  • A4: Carbon based materials
  • A5: Paper electronics
Symposium B | Structural materials
  • B1: Advances in ceramics, concrete, building materials
  • B2: Advances in metals and alloys
  • B3: Advances in polymers
  • B4: Advances in composites and hybrid materials
Symposium C | Materials processing, characterization and modelling
  • C1: Processing technologies (including additive manufacturing)
  • C2: Coatings and interfaces
  • C3: Recycling
  • C4: Materials characterization (including at nanoscale)
  • C5: Materials Modelling
Special Session | Cultural Heritage
  • CH: Advances in Cultural Heritage – Science, Materials and Techniques

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NOVA University of Lisbon


14 avril 2019 -
17 avril 2019


Campus de Campolide, Universidade Nova de Lisboa
Campus de Campolide, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Lisbonne


Materials Science Department - Faculty of Science and Technology, Nova University of Lisbon
Secretariat: Sara Oliveira, Sónia Soares and Luís Milhano
Email: info@materiais2019.pt Phone: (+351) 212 948 564

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