2 novembre 2021 -
4 novembre 2021 /

Congrès virtuel

LightMAT 2021 – 4th International Conference on Light Materials – Science and Technology

The materials are viewed individually or in multi-material designs, including processing, joining, and corrosion protection. In addition, LightMAT 2021 will focus on Eco-Efficiency in materials and processes. In this context, we address the question: What are the innovative research business models for materials and material processes shearing with industrial needs for contributing to the accelerated material circularity, sustainability, and also to the dematerialization of our economy related to less dependency on primary materials?

LightMAT 2021 provides a platform for academic and industrial researchers, scientists, and engineers to present and discuss the recent development and progress made in Magnesium, Aluminium, Titanium and their alloys and materials combinations. Beyond the metals standard processes and primary applications are addressed, intended to provide comparison and cross-fertilization, giving a comprehensive overview of individual advances, challenges, and highlights, covering:

  • Conventional and advanced lightweight applications and products in automotive, aerospace, and other relevant transport and applications
  • Fundamental aspects of the three metallic lightweight materials and their alloys, their processing and (physical) metallurgy issues involved
  • Microstructure evolution, related properties, and advanced simulation
  • Industrial fabrication, processing, joining, and corrosion protection issues
  • Additive Manufacturing of metallic structures enabling novel lightweight designs
  • Formability and advanced forming of light alloys to shape complex parts.

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DGM - Deutsche Gesellschaft für Materialkunde


2 novembre 2021 -
4 novembre 2021



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