20 septembre 2022 -
22 septembre 2022 / Hambourg


International Stainless & Special Steel Conference 2021

The global stainless and special steel industry gathers in Hamburg, Germany, to discuss all relevant issues that will shape the business in 2023 and beyond:


Stainless 2022 – Battle of the Global Supply Chains

  • What is hot …. and what is not hot in 2022 and 2023?
  • What damage is inflation doing to the European stainless market?
  • Impact of war in Ukraine for stainless steel, raw materials and energy
  • How can a global level playfield be assured?
  • What is the status of the Border Adjustment Mechanism to regulate global CO2 costs?
  • How can we keep the stainless steel supply chains competitive?
  • Re-shoring: can South-East Europe become the workbench of Europe?
  • Is protectionism the only weapon to keep stainless steels markets in the Western World?
  • How can digitalization help to keep our industry competitive?
  • ‘Glocalization’ of so far global supply chains – where does it make sense and where not?
  • Is the container shortage here to stay?
  • How can the Western World secure competitive raw material sources?
  • How can competitive energy sources be guaranteed?
  • How can we grow the stainless market through market development?
  • Is the alloy surcharge a friend or foe of the stainless steel industry in Europe and North America?

Technology 2022 – Tools for a Green and Competitive Special Steel Industry

  • The steel sustainability challenge – how to reduce our CO2 footprint?
  • Are the CO2 calculation methods harmonized globally (Scope 1, Scope 2, Scope 3)?
  • What are the metallurgical limits in the steel meltshop and ferro-alloys to reduce CO2?
  • New digital technologies to track the ESG (environmental social governance) throughout the steel supply chain (e.g. Blockchain).
  • New digital concepts from melting, casting, rolling to finishing special steels (Level 1 to 3)
  • Digitalization, machine learning and artificial intelligence: key tools to productivity and product quality
  • Digitalization in logistics and warehousing


20 septembre 2022 -
22 septembre 2022


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