6 juin 2021 -
10 juin 2021 / Lorient


IDDRG 2021 – 40th International Deep Drawing Research Group Conference

Due to the pandemic situation in France, the IDDRG 2021 conference in Lorient has been postponed to June 2022, to be « sure » that people will be able to travel again. In between, an online conference is organised on 21 June – 2 July 2021 by Prof. Liewald from the University of Stuttgart.

Beyond the horizon for conventional and non-conventional sheet forming processes

The IDDRG conferences have been established as an annual world-class forum, making major contribution in the field of the sheet metal forming processes. The 40th International Deep Drawing Research Group Conference will be held in Lorient, France, on June 6-10, 2021. **Save the date!**

The leading specialists and researchers from all over the world participate in the event to promote exchanges of new ideas in all engineering aspects of sheet metal forming. After an edition disrupted by the COVID 19 pandemic and moved to a web conference by our Korean colleagues, we hope that the 2021 edition will allow colleagues of our community to meet face-to-face again.

Specific topics

  • Integrated design: from forming to in-life service (crash-impact, fatigue)
  • Ultra-thin sheets: forming (constitutive modelling) and design (progressive tools) for connectors and electronic devices
  • Warm and hot forming: Al alloys, steels, experiments and numerical simulations
  • Plastic instabilities: characterisation and modelling of PLC effect, roughness


Université Bretagne Sud
ArcelorMittal France


6 juin 2021 -
10 juin 2021


Université Bretagne Sud
rue de Saint Maudé, Lorient


Prof. Pierre-Yves MANACH, UBS
Secrétariat : iddrg2021@sciencesconf.org