3 juin 2019 -
7 juin 2019 / Enschede


IDDRG 2019 – 38TH International Deep-Drawing Research Group Conference

about IDDRG

The IDDRG (International Deep-Drawing Research Group) was started in the late 1950’s as an organization of national groups devoted to the study of sheet metal forming including forming processes, materials, formability issues, tooling, tribology and many other interesting aspects of sheet metal forming research and industrial practices.

The IDDRG conference is a gathering for the world’s leading production specialists and researchers from all over the world for fruitful discussions on challenging technical topics in sheet metal forming technology.


The theme of IDDRG 2019 conference is Forming 4.0: Big Data, Smart Solutions and contributions in this field are actively solicited. Apart from the main theme of the conference, topical sessions with the focus on the specific aspects, current trends and challenges in the field of sheet metal forming will be organized by internationally renowned experts. These topics are:

  • Formability of sheet metals and characterization methodologies
  • Material constitutive modelling
  • Necking, instability and formability prediction
  • In-line control in sheet metal forming
  • Digitalization in tooling and intelligent tools for sheet metal forming
  • Advanced simulation methods for sheet metal forming
  • Damage and fracture in sheet metal forming
  • Tribology, friction and wear in forming
  • Shear cutting and blanking
  • Sheared edge formability
  • Local versus global formability
  • AHSS and Gen-3 steels
  • Warm and hot forming of light metals
  • Hot stamping
  • Interaction of forming and crashworthiness

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University of Twente
Tata Steel Europe


3 juin 2019 -
7 juin 2019


Waaier building, University of Twente
Drienerlolaan 5, Enschede


E.S. Perdahcıoğlu - info@iddrg2019.nl

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