5 juin 2019 -
7 juin 2019 / Metz


ICWAM 2019 : International Congress on Welding, Additive Manufacturing & associated NDT testing

Conference goals

How will parts be manufactured in 2030? How will technologies reinvent existing fabrication and monitor processes? How will this affect manufacturing, parts design and lifecycle assessment?
In the field of welding, the recent rise of additive manufacturing (AM) has heralded new developments in materials science and manufacturing in many sectors. As much as the scientific base that governs weld integrity is akin to what determines integrity of AM parts, synergies between welding and additive manufacturing can be found along the whole value chain, from process modeling to non-destructive testing (NDT) of parts for quality control. New materials and hybrid processes are being developed at a fast pace, requiring new skills and the structuring of communities. Furthermore, welding and additive manufacturing have now respectively entered the emerging fields of multimaterials joining and composite additive manufacturing.

ICWAM’s original intent to bring together welding and additive manufacturing actors to foster an international network of experts from academy and industry is thus reiterated.
The ambition of the congress is threefold:

  • Bring together welding technologists, NDT scientists, Additive Manufacturing researchers to interact with metal transformation and composite industry specialists.
  • Encourage international networking over the whole value chain, between welding & joining/rapid prototyping/additive manufacturing/monitoring stakeholders.
  • Offer opportunities to visit local industrial venues and platforms for R&D and smart fabrication processes in both metal and composite fields.

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Institut de Soudure


5 juin 2019 -
7 juin 2019


Metz Congrès Robert Schuman
112 rue aux Arènes, 57000 Metz

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