4 juin 2019 -
7 juin 2019 / Dubrovnik


ICSID 2019

The objective of the ICSID 2019 conference is to bring together scientists and engineers from around the world to discuss how to characterize, analyze, predict and asses the fatigue and fracture of structural materials and components. The ICSID 2019 intends to be a forum for discussion of the present and future trends in experimental, theoretical and applied fracture mechanics, fatigue, structural integrity assessment, failure analysis, and other important topics in the field.

The ICSID 2019 conference will further promote cooperation among scientists and experts from university, industry and government involved in the field of the fatigue and fracture of materials and structures. For graduate students and researchers and engineers from industry a two-day School on fatigue and fracture modelling and analysis will be organized before the Conference, along with a roundtable discussion on the topic how to connect academia and industry.


University of Zagreb


4 juin 2019 -
7 juin 2019


Centre for Advanced Academic Studies
Don Frana Bulica 4, Dubrovnik

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University of Zagreb
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