11 juin 2023 -
16 juin 2023 / Atlanta


ICF15 – 15th International Conference on Fracture

Initialement prévue du 13 au 18 juin 2021 

General information

This conference will focus on the latest interdisciplinary research in the field of fracture and is a must attend event for senior and young researchers, students, post-doctoral fellows, and industry professionals working in the field of fracture throughout the world.

Authors will have the option to submit short papers to be included in the proceedings of the conference or full papers for publication in special issues of one of several established journals in the field by special arrangements.


Confirmed Symposia

  • Ductile Fracture Under Complex Loading (Organizers: David Wilkinson (email: wilkinso@mcmaster.ca), Thomas Pardoen, and Amine Benzerga)
  • JoDean Morrow and Paul Paris Symposium on Fatigue and Fracture (Organizers: Huseyin Sehitoglu (email: huseyin@uiuc.edu), Petros Sofronis, and John Landes)
  • Fracto-emissions in Structural and Seismic Monitoring (Organizers: Alberto Carpinteri (email: alberto.carpinteri@polito.it), Giuseppe Lacidogna, and Oscar Borla)
  • Brittle Fracture: 100 years After Publication of Griffith’s Theory (Organizers: Claudio Ruggieri (email: claudio.ruggieri@usp.br) and Laszlo Toth)
  • Hydrogen Embrittlement and Environmentally Assisted Cracking (Organizers: Jesus Toribio (email: toribio@usal.es), Chris San Marchi, and Joseph Ronevich)
  • Microstructures and Fracture in Multiferroic Materials (Organizers: Tong-Yi Zhang (email: zhangty@shu.edu.cn),  Chad Landis, Weiqiu Chen, Ralf Müller, and Jie Wang)
  • Fracture in Large Scale Metallic Infrastructure: Advances, Challenges, and Opportunities (Organizers: Amit Kanvinde (email: kanvinde@ucdavis.edu)  and Xudong Qian)
  • Beyond Similitude: Role of Multiscale Heterogeneity in Fracture Prognosis (Organizers: Ashley Spear (email:ashley.spear@utah.edu) and Gustavo Castelluccio
  • Mechanical Failure of Lithium-ion Batteries: from Material to Structure (Organizers: Juner Zhu (email: zhujuner@mit.edu), Junhe Lian, Kejie Zhao, and Tomasz Wierzbicki)
  • Fatigue and Fracture of AM Materials (Organizers: Bo Chen (email: bo.chen@leicester.ac.uk), Nagaraja Iyer, and Filippo Berto)
  • Small Scale Specimen Testing (Organizers: Vikram Jayaram (email: qjayaram@iisc.ac.in), Raghu V. Prakash, N Jaya Balila, Robert Lancaster, Bernd Gludovatz, and Dan Gianola)
  • Finite Fracture Mechanics: Theoretical Aspects, Numerical Procedures and Experimental Applications (Organizers: Vladislav Mantič (email: mantic@us.es), Pietro Cornetti, Dominique Leguillon and Pedro Camanho )
  • Phase-Field Models of Fracture (Organizers: Blaise Bourdin (email: bourdin@lsu.edu), Corrado, Maurini Marco Paggi, José Reinoso)
  • Failure Mechanisms  in Advanced Materials and Structures (Organizers: Zengtao Chen (email: Zengtao@ualberta.ca), Minghao Zhao, Cunfa Gao, and Stathis E. Theotokoglou)
  • Probabilistic Aspects of Fatigue Crack Growth and Fracture:  Frameworks, Tools, and Applications (Organizers: R. Craig McClung (email: craig.mcclung@swri.org), James C. Sobotka, and Kai Kadau)
  • Advanced Computational Methods for Fracture (Organizers: P.R. Budarapu (email: pattabhi@iitbbs.ac.in), M.K. Pandit, A.K. Pradhan, S. Natarajan, T. Rabczuk)
  • Residual Stress in Fatigue and Fracture (Organizers: Michael R. Hill (email: mrhill@ucdavis.edu), Thomas J. Spradlin, and Dale L. Ball)
  • Damage, Fracture, and Fatigue of Composites (Organizer: Raj Das (email: raj.das@rmit.edu.au))

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GeorgiaTech - University of Kansas


11 juin 2023 -
16 juin 2023


Georgia World Congress Center
285 Andrew Young International Blvd NW, Atlanta



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