23 mai 2022 -
26 mai 2022 / Linz


HMnS 2022 – 5th International High Manganese Steel Conference


The HMnS 2022 is the 5th international conference covering all scientific and technical aspects of medium and high Mn steels. In this conference, the topic of high Mn Nitrogen steels will also be included. After the success of the previous HMnS conferences in Seoul (2011), Aachen (2014), Chengdu (2016) and again Aachen (2019), the HMnS2022 will move to Linz, Austria. Here, many researchers intensively deal with research and development of medium and high Mn steels. Therefore, we intend to offer an international forum to this specific point of interest.

Medium and high Mn steels exhibit complex deformation mechanisms, leading to an extraordinary combination of mechanical properties. Austenitic single-phase high Mn steels, austenitic high Mn Nitrogen steels and multi-phase medium Mn steels between 3-30 wt-% will be addressed to cover the ongoing scientific and industrial developments in the design of Mn-rich high-strength steels. The HMnS2022 will bring together international scientists and engineers to discuss the understanding of the underlying physical phenomena and possible answers to relevant technical challenges.

We intend to adress participants from both industry and scientific institutions. Oral sessions will range from fundamental aspects to final application. In addition, a conference tour, included in the program, will present a globally unique adventure world dedicated to steel, voestalpine Stahlwelt, along with the voestalpine plant visit.

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ASMET | Austrian Society for Metallurgy and Materials


23 mai 2022 -
26 mai 2022


voestalpine Stahlwelt
voestalpine-Straße 4, Linz


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