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H2 MSE - Hydrogen related Innovations in Materials science & Engineering


11 février 2025 -
13 février 2025    
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Stadthalle Fürth
Rosenstraße 50, Fürth

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11 février 2025 -
13 février 2025 / Fürth

Congrès hybride

H2 MSE – Hydrogen related Innovations in Materials science & Engineering

Hydrogen plays a key role in the decarbonization of our energy systems towards sustainable energy sources and sustainable energy storage. However, hydrogen also poses a variety of challenges for materials in contact with gaseous hydrogen under high pressure or for materials used for hydrogen storage. Hydrogen research is interdisciplinary between materials scientists, test engineers, chemists and physicists from universities, research institutions and industry. The 1st Conference on Hydrogen in Materials Science and Engineering provides a platform for sharing and discussion of new research results from experiments and simulations. Core topics are material testing in the presence of hydrogen, spatially resolved imaging of hydrogen distribution in materials, direct reduction, selective hydrogen analysis, hydrogen permeation, hydrogen resistant materials and materials for hydrogen storage.


As the world progresses towards a cleaner, hydrogen-powered future, the importance of understanding hydrogen’s interaction with materials has never been more critical. This conference brings together leading experts, researchers, and industry professionals to discuss the latest advancements, challenges, and opportunities in the following topics:

A: Material testing under hydrogen influence (including standards)
Explore the latest advancements in material testing methodologies in the presence of hydrogen, including the development and application of international standards. This topic aims to enhance understanding of hydrogen’s effects on materials, ensuring safety and reliability in hydrogen technologies.

B: Optimization of selective hydrogen analysis
Dive into innovative approaches for the selective analysis of hydrogen within materials, optimizing detection techniques for better accuracy and efficiency. This segment focuses on refining analytical methods to further our understanding of hydrogen’s behavior and interaction with various materials.

C: Spatially resolved methods for imaging hydrogen
Discover cutting-edge spatially resolved imaging techniques that provide insights into the distribution and migration of hydrogen in materials. This research is pivotal for identifying and mitigating issues related to hydrogen embrittlement and facilitating the development of more resilient materials.

D: Hydrogen within the industry (focus on the materials not thermodynamics)
Investigate the role of hydrogen across various industrial sectors, with a focus on material challenges and innovations. This area emphasizes the practical aspects of hydrogen use, from infrastructure to transportation, highlighting material advancements that support hydrogen’s integration into the industrial landscape.

D.1: Hydrogen direct reduction
Delve into hydrogen direct reduction processes as a groundbreaking approach to producing steel with a lower carbon footprint. This session explores the materials science behind this transformative technology, which uses hydrogen instead of coal, significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

D.2: Hydrogen combustion (gas turbines, engines etc.)
Examine the latest developments in hydrogen combustion technologies, including gas turbines and engines. This discussion covers the engineering and materials science challenges of adapting combustion systems to hydrogen fuel, aiming for efficiency and reduced environmental impact.

D.3: Materials for hydrogen storage
Address the critical issue of safely and efficiently storing hydrogen. This topic covers innovative materials and technologies designed for hydrogen storage, from metal hydrides to advanced composite materials, contributing to the viability of hydrogen as a widespread energy carrier.

E: New hydrogen resistant materials
Uncover the development of new materials designed to resist the adverse effects of hydrogen exposure. This research is key to enhancing the durability and longevity of components used in hydrogen technologies, paving the way for more reliable and robust hydrogen infrastructure.

F: Hydrogen permeation
Explore the phenomenon of hydrogen permeation in materials, crucial for understanding and mitigating risks associated with hydrogen fuel use. This topic focuses on the mechanisms of hydrogen migration and its implications for material integrity and performance.

F.1: Elevated temperatures
Investigate the behavior of materials in the presence of hydrogen at elevated temperatures, a critical aspect for many hydrogen applications. This area of study seeks to understand how high temperatures affect hydrogen interaction with materials, informing the design and selection of materials for high-temperature hydrogen environments.

G: Simulation
Explore computational models and simulations to predict and analyze hydrogen interactions with various materials.


The day before the 1st Conference on Hydrogen in Materials Science and Engineering (H2 MSE), seize the opportunity to enhance your expertise by participating in our exclusive workshops. These sessions, organized in small groups, will explore specialized topics in the realm of hydrogen’s role in materials science, offering participants the chance to deepen their knowledge under the tutelage of leading experts. Registration is essential as availability is limited and allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. This is an unparalleled chance to broaden your understanding in a focused setting.


Introduction to high pressure hydrogen charging and testing
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Introduction to electrochemical hydrogen charging
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Combining electrochemical charging and mechanical testing
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Introduction to hydrogen analytics
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DGM - Deutsche Gesellschaft für Materialkunde


11 février 2025 -
13 février 2025


Stadthalle Fürth
Rosenstraße 50, Fürth


+49 (0)69 75306 780

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