29 juin 2020 -
1 juillet 2020 / Cambridge


Fatigue 2020

context and objective

The Fatigue 2020 conference will bring the international fatigue and durability community together to share knowledge and understand the challenges in using sophisticated engineering simulation and modelling tools to complement sound test programmes and develop reliable and cost effective products for modern usage.

As engineering modelling and simulation tools become ever more powerful and sophisticated there still remains the challenge of correlating the virtual world with both idealised laboratory testing and the wide, and potentially unexpected, range of service conditions experienced by machines and structures. These challenges are compounded by the advent of new materials, new ways of manufacturing components, new applications and new test and measurement techniques.

We will seek to explore not only the latest developments in engineering modelling and simulation, advances in test and measurement techniques, innovations in manufacturing, and developments in materials science, but also the complex interrelations between all these topics that give rise to improvements in fatigue performance, durability and structural integrity.

The 3 day conference builds on the long established philosophy of the Engineering Integrity Society to provide a forum for practising engineers and researchers to exchange ideas and experiences in all aspects of structural integrity. Contributions will be welcome from all disciplines, industries and research organisations. As well as giving practitioners an opportunity to keep up-to-date in the latest developments in durability of materials and structural analysis techniques, the conference will provide an excellent forum for researchers to promote their work and enhance its transfer to, and impact on, industrial applications.

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Site internet de l’évènement


Site internet de l’évènement



EIS - Engineering Integrity Society


29 juin 2020 -
1 juillet 2020


Downing College
Regent St., Cambridge


Conference Secretariat:
6 Brickyard Lane
NG22 8JS
Tel: +44 (0)1623 884225

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