18 septembre 2022 -
22 septembre 2022 / Bamberg

Symposium hybride

EuroSuperalloys 2022 – 4th European Symposium on Superalloys and their Applications

The 4th European Symposium on Superalloys and their Applications aims to highlight the progress in the field of Ni- and Co-based superalloys and related materials.


Papers from academia and industry are invited on all topics covering the field of superalloy research.

  • Ni-base superalloy development and new trends
  • Co-base and other new alloys systems
  • Fatigue and creep behavior
  • Deformation mechanisms
  • Nanomechanical and in-situ testing approaches
  • Recrystallization, processing defects and microstructural degeneration
  • Coatings, oxidation and environmental effects
  • Additive manufacturing and processing
  • Sustainability and life cycle assessment including repair/refurbishment,
  • Materials selection and characterization by digital data analysis and artificial intelligence
  • Materials modelling and simulation

An honorary symposium « Insights into superalloys with electron microscopy » will be organized for Prof. Catherine M.F. Rae, University of Cambridge, UK, to honor her outstanding scientific contributions on superalloys’ microstructure and deformation mechanisms and her long-lasting support of the superalloy community.

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DGM - Deutsche Gesellschaft für Materialkunde


18 septembre 2022 -
22 septembre 2022


WELCOME Kongresshotel Bamberg
Mußstraße 7, Bamberg



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