18 juin 2019 -
21 juin 2019 / Pasadena


Engineering Mechanics Institute Conference 2019

The 2019 EMI conference stays true to its long-standing tradition as the prime venue for disseminating the most recent progress in Engineering Mechanics as the core discipline of science-enabled Civil Engineering understood in the broadest sense.

Preliminary Science Tracks

  1. Computational Mechanics
  2. Multiscale and Multiphysics
  3. Geomechanics and Geomaterials
  4. Probabilistic Mechanics and SHM
  5. Multihazards
  6. Biomaterials and bio-inspired engineering
  7. Flow and Phase transitions
  8. Special Topics
  9. Damage, bifurcation, and fracture
  10. Mechanics of Materials and Material Science.

Mini-symposium: Multi-scale characterization and computational modeling of nano-reinforced polymers

The proposed mini-symposium is meant to provide an opportunity to exchange on recent advances on experimental characterization and modeling of nano-reinforced polymers. The focus will be set on analysis and design issues of multifunctional nano-composites. Dialogue between experts in experimental characterization techniques and multi-scale modeling of nano-reinforced polymers communities should be profitable for the understanding of such materials and the emergence of new applications.

Topics of applications will be:

  • Recent advances in characterization of multi-physical behavior of nano-reinforced polymers
  • Recent advances in molecular simulations behavior of nano-reinforced polymers,
  • Multi-scale methods including homogenization and bridging methods for structural design


American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)
Engineering Mechanics Institute (EMI)
California Institute of Technology


18 juin 2019 -
21 juin 2019


Caltech – California Institute of Technology
1200 East California Boulevard, Pasadena

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