14 juin 2019 -
15 juin 2019 / Turin

Ecole d'été

ECerS Summer School: High and Ultra-High Temperature Ceramics

contexte and aim

The aim of this school is to create a forum that brings together students, professors, and industrialists from the high and ultra-high temperature ceramics field in order to develop links and a common language for better research and technological innovations, to define key challenges and open questions to move toward effective solutions.


Friday, June 14

Design, characteristics, applications and degradation of high and ultra-high temperature ceramics
  • Refractories, Ultra-refractories, Ceramic matrix composites
Thermodynamics : phase diagram and chemical reaction
  • Understanding of phase diagram
  • Chemical reactions between solid, liquid and gas
  • Computational thermodynamic database
Reactivity and corrosion of refractories by liquid and gas
  • Reactions, mechanisms, applications
Reactivity and corrosion of ceramic matrix composites
  • Self-healing in ceramic matrix composites

Poster session and group discussion


Saturday, June 15

Reactivity and corrosion of ceramic matrix composites
  • Recent progress of environmental barrier coatings: achievements, open problems and challenges
  • Processing of carbon-fibre based UHTCs and thermo-ablativematerials
  • Testing by oxyacetylene and oxypropane torchs, arc jet testing
Reactivity and corrosion of ultra-high ceramics
  • Study of the high temperature behavior of ultra-high temperature ceramics and the measurements of emissivity and catalyticity (atmospheric reentry applications of space vehicles)
  • Thermo-chemical surface (in)-stabilities of ultra-high temperature ceramics in simulated reentry conditions.
  • Entropy stabilized ultra-high temperature ceramics: oxidation and transport properties

Group discussion, conclusion, and closing


évènement de la commission  « Matériaux Céramiques Réfractaires»

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ECerS - JECS Trust - fiRe (Federation for international refractory research and education) - Politecnico di Torino


14 juin 2019 -
15 juin 2019


Politecnico di Torino, Lingotto building
Via Nizza, 230, Turin


Prof. J. Poirier
Ms. V. Huart