29 janvier 2023 -
3 février 2023 / Aussois

École d'hiver

DYMAT Winter School

Experimental testing and modelling of materials at high strain-rates

The dynamic behavior of materials is present through a large number of applications such as impact loadings, blasting and detonation, modern production processing, brittle failure of solids and structures… In such cases the material behavior is no longer quasi-static and the dynamic behavior of the materials needs to be properly accounted for. Also, constitutive models used in numerical simulations require an identification of the material behavior on an appropriate range of loading-rate. Experimental testing methods are also developed to analyze the damage mechanisms and the deformation modes in view of improving the prediction capabilities of numerical tools.

The DYMAT winter school will focus on the following themes:

  • Dynamic testing of materials
    => Hopkinson Pressure Bar, Impact test, Plate impact, Drop tower, Shock tube, High-speed jack…
  • Damage and failure at high strain-rates
    => Micro-plasticity, Tensile damage, Shear failure, Multiple fragmentation, Pore collapse, Crushing…
  • Modelling and numerical methods
    => Constitutive laws, Finite-element methods, Discrete-element methods, SPH, Linear/non-linear fracture mechanics…
  • Applications
    => Crashworthiness, Terminal ballistics, Blast, Natural risks, Machining, Industrial processes…

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29 janvier 2023 -
3 février 2023


Centre CNRS Paul Langevin
24 rue du Coin, 73300 Aussois


Pr. Pascal FORQUIN, Univ. Grenoble Alpes, Risks and Vulnerability division in 3SR Lab.
Tel. +33 4 76 82 52 48
Email: pascal.forquin@3sr-grenoble.fr

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