19 juin 2023 -
21 juin 2023 / Berching

Congrès hybride

DisoMAT 2023 – 2nd International School and Conference on Disorder in Materials Science

Hybrid event

The study and exploitation of disorder is a vital research area in the broader field of material science. Structural and compositional randomness is ubiquitous in nature and is often a key tool for specific purposes such as mimicry or coloring. The benefits of disorder are a useful guide in engineering and in visionary developments of novel advanced materials with unexpected and surprising properties. The general subject of disorder is rapidly emerging into an area of interdisciplinary scientific interest, which is, however, still in its infancy. Especially in optics and photonics, the disordered natural structures still bear surprises, and tailored disorder promises properties unachievable by regular design.

To accommodate recent developments in the field of disordered materials in optics and photonics, the purpose of the 2nd Disordered Materials 2023 (DisoMAT) conference is to bring together experts from various scientific communities, such as biology, chemistry, physics, and material scientists to advance the field of disordered optical materials by combining fundamental and applied research with emphasis on multidisciplinary approaches and processing routes. Contributions from the fields of theoretical, computational, and applied physics, theoretical and experimental biology, chemistry, and material science are envisioned to be combined. The development of novel approaches and design routes to utilize and realize tailored disorder in optical materials will be one of the main topics of this conference.


The main topics of the conference are:

  • Scattering in disorder materials (structural color, light trapping, random spectrometry, light diffusion, propagation through random media, etc.)
  • Disordered metamaterials (effective medium descriptions, nanoporous materials, etc.)
  • Light localization and feedback in disordered media (suppression of emission, band gap, random lasing, etc.)
  • Manufacturing of disordered optical materials (3D printing, self-assembly, self-organization, etc.)
  • Disordered optical material in nature (structural color, thermal reflection, etc.)

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19 juin 2023 -
21 juin 2023


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