26 juin 2023 -
30 juin 2023    
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le cnam
292 rue Saint-Martin, Paris, 75003

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26 juin 2023 -
30 juin 2023 / Paris


CMDS 14 – 14th International Symposium on Continuum Models and Discrete Systems

Aim & scope

The purpose of CMDS symposia is to bring together scientists with different backgrounds, working on continuum theories and discrete mechanical and thermodynamical systems in the fields of mathematics, theoretical and applied mechanics, physics, materials science and engineering. The spirit of CMDS meetings is to stimulate an extensive and active interdisciplinary research. The broad interdisciplinary character, the limited number of participants and the informal and friendly atmosphere, made these meetings well-acknowledged places of highly fruitful contacts and exchange of ideas, methods and results.


Topics of CMDS

  • Models for complex heterogeneous systems and metamaterials
  • Structures of composites with extreme or unusual properties
  • Discrete and continuum modeling of deformable solids with microstructures
  • Fundamentals of fracture, defect dynamics, fatigue, fracture dynamics, and dynamics of failure of complex structures
  • Design of structured and architectured materials: Optimization of micro- and nanostructures
  • Dynamics of metastable structures with multiple equilibria
  • Thermodynamics, transport theory, electrical properties, and statistical mechanics in the context of continuum modeling discrete systems
  • Multiphysics coupling in materials and structures
  • Developments in continuum theory; non classical models, and discrete vs. continuum models
  • Granular materials: statics and dynamics
  • Continuum theory of living structures

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MINES ParisTech
le cnam


26 juin 2023 -
30 juin 2023


le cnam
292 rue Saint-Martin, 75003 Paris



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