1 juin 2021 -
3 juin 2021 / Evanston, IL

Congrès présentiel / distanciel

Biot-Bažant Conference on Engineering Mechanics and Physics of Porous Materials

A One-time Fusion of Concreep and the Biot Conference on Poromechanics

Track 1: Instabilities and Strain Localization

Concreep Chair: Jia-Liang Le (USA)

Poromechanics Chair: Jose Andrade (USA)

Track 2: Creep and Plasticity

Concreep Chair: Mija Hubler (USA)

Poromechanics Chair: Matthieu Van Damme (France)

Track 3 Fracture Propagation, Long-Term Deterioration and Healing

Concreep Chair: Roman Wan-Wender (Belgium)

Poromechanics Chair: Tal Cohen (USA)

Track 4: Multiphysical Couplings and Transport Phenomena

Concreep Chair: John Bolander (USA)

Poromechanics Chair: Jean-Michel Pereira (France)

Track 5: Partially Saturated Porous Materials, Surface Effects and Adsorption

Concreep Chair: Gilles Pijaudier-Cabot (France)

Poromechanics Chair: Alex Cheng (USA)

Track 6: Relation Between Microstructure and Properties: Modeling and Characterization

Concreep Chair: Emanuela Del Gado (USA)

Poromechanics Chair: Christian Hellmich (Austria)

Track 7: Geodynamics, Wave Propagation, and Long-Term Structural Health Monitoring

Concreep Chair: Domniki Asimaki (USA)

Poromechanics Chair: Brock Hedegaard (USA)

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Georgia Tech - Northwestern University - MIT


1 juin 2021 -
3 juin 2021


Northwestern University
2145 Sheridan Road, Evanston, IL


Tierney Acott
+1 (847) 467-2673

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