8 juin 2021 -
9 juin 2021 / Aix-la-Chapelle


Binder Phases in Composite Hard Materials

Binder Phases in Composite Hard Materials

Hard tool materials are, for the most part, multiphase materials with carbide, carbonitride, diamond or cubic boron nitride phases toughened or supported by a secondary and smaller volume fraction of what is generally referred to as a “binder-phase”. For hardmetals this binder-phase is based on a transition metal or alloy using Fe, Co and Ni as the major constituents. Resource constraints, technical improvements, economic factors and health concerns provide drivers for hard material manufacturers to assess the possibilities of making better use of the most popular binder phase constituent, cobalt, and, increasingly, to seek alternative metallic phase replacements.

Recently, there have been huge steps in methods for local mechanical characterisation at extremely high resolution, i.e. micromechanical test methods for both elastic and plastic property measurement of both individual particles and interfaces. Additionally the importance and impact of modelling of each phase’s mechanical and physical behaviour on very fine scales has also made substantial contributions to our knowledge of new material combinations.

The SUMMEREV 21 meeting will emphasize what practical steps are being taken to process innovative compositions, what new ideas are being explored to measure their suite of relevant properties and what insights the modelling community can provide to take the subject forward. The aim is to bring the hard material research community together to discuss current activity in methods used to manufacture innovative materials and to characterize properties, both physical and mechanical.

This 2021 revisit of the topic commemorates Dr. Leo Prakash after his recent death. It will be a great opportunity to recall and recognise his significant contribution to our research agendas.

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8 juin 2021 -
9 juin 2021


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