28 novembre 2018 -
29 novembre 2018 / Bergamo


4th European Conference on Clean Technologies in the Steel Industry (CLEAN TECH 4)

The 4th European Conference on Clean Technologies in the Steel industry (CLEAN TECH 4) will provide a forum for researchers and steel manufacturers to review recent developments on the following main topics.

Clean Technology – reducing environmental impacts and emissions to meet and go beyond current best practice targets and to meet the requirements of future regulations

Energy Efficiency and CO2 Reduction – how the steel industry can contribute to a low carbon economy, including developments such as ULCOS, AISI C02, COURSE 50, biological/algae systems, carbon utilisation and energy efficiency

Material Efficiency – optimising raw material use and through­ process yield, deploying integrated waste management and adopting industrial symbiosis towards zero waste operations

Product life Cycles – demonstrating the key role of steel products in a sustainable society through deployment of LCA and life cycle thinking principles early m the product design

This meeting is aimed at creating an opportunity for a technical exchange at an International level among the numerous experts involved in the steelmaking to inform on the latest technical achievements in all production phases and the environmental benefits of steel utilization.

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28 novembre 2018 -
29 novembre 2018


Congress Center Giovanni XXIII
viale Papa Giovanni XXIII, Bergamo