8 décembre 2022 -
9 décembre 2022 /

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3rd AddFabComp – International Conference on Additive manufacturing of organic matrix composites

Additive manufacturing of organic matrix composites, whether through automated fiber placement (AFP), 3D printing (FFF) or 4D printing, represents a tremendous opportunity to re-invent materials and structures.

Add Fab Comp i.e. Additive Fabrication of composites is an international conference whose purpose is to gather the latest research on the exciting topics including (but not limited to):

  • Design methods for additive manufacturing (IA, machine learning, topological optimization, material by design, biomimicry, etc.)
  • New materials and new functionalities (Architectured materials, biocomposites, smart materials, multi-materials etc.)
  • Advanced process development and technology (new process, monitoring…),
  • Process modeling and simulation (thermo-mechanical coupling, etc.),
  • Microstructure and Induced singularities and defects,
  • Characterization and innovative properties (multi-function, morphing, mechanical, fatigue, aging, etc.)
  • 4D printing (design, material and multifunctional properties, etc.)
  • Industrialization and applications (Aerospace, automotive, naval, defense, etc.

This third edition will be hosted as an online event and will be dedicated to French/Japanese dialogue on Additive manufacturing of composite materials .


  • Dr Justin Dirrenberger (PIMM Paris) : « Architectured materials obtained through advanced manufacturing »
  • Pr Akira Todoroki (Tokyo Institute of Technology) : « 3D printed composites and future »
  • Dr Tsuyoshi Nomura (Toyota, Reaseach Lab) :  « Axial variable composite structures by anisotropic topology optimization »
  • Dr Sofiane Guessasma (INRAe) : « Contribution to 3D printing of polymer/composites »


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8 décembre 2022 -
9 décembre 2022



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