23 août 2021 -
27 août 2021 / Viège

École d'été

2021 Summer School: Tribology and Surfaces Interactions


The course is set to cover the topics listed below. Practical work on a local glacier will also form an integral part of the course. Students will have to interpret geological features in terms of tribological events, summarizing their on-site (Aletsch, Saas Fee, Zermatt) observations and presenting the outcome.

Tribology system and main concepts
  • System description: materials, mechanics/ Concepts of friction, lubrication, wear
Surfaces and friction
  • Topography, surface energy, atomic structure, and chemical properties of surfaces, tribochemistry, surface modifications
From contact mechanics to wear
  • 2D and 3D problem (loads and stresses): Hertz, sliding, yielding
  • 3D problem (loads and stresses) considering roughness, non-linear behaviour of materials. BEM, FEM. Hertz/Goodman formalism for coatings. Role of the interface. Archard, Wear particle generation
Wear of systems
  • Wear as mass flow (3rd body concept), systemic influence on wear, 3rd body rheology, wear of materials
  • Regimes: Hydrodynamic lubrication and EHL / Boundary and solid lubrication
Experimental techniques for tribology
  • Laboratory, bench, real scale wear experiments. Wear quantification. Characterization of wear mechanisms.
Tribology of materials
  • Response of different classes of materials to tribological loading. Tribocorrosion.
Surface treatments for tribology
  • Overview on tribological coatings and surface treatments. Application criteria.
Rock tribology
  • Rock mechanics and friction. Third bodies. Rock sliding. Simulation.
Introduction to rock tectonics
  • Large scale tribological phenomena
Field practice
  • Students will interpret rock features in terms of tribological events. They will summarize their on-site (Aletsch, Saas Fee, Zermatt) observations and present the outcome.
Case Study 1: Bearings
Case Study 2: Biotribology


EPFL-École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne


23 août 2021 -
27 août 2021


Bildungshaus St. Jodern
St. Jodernstrasse 17, Viège



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