11th International Conference of Microwave Materials and their Applications-MMA2020


Microwave and Millimeter-wave Materials:

Chemistry, physics and structural determination of dielectric, ferroelectric, piezoelectric, ferromagnetic, multiferroic or composite materials and tuneable compositions with advantageous properties for microwave applications. Millimetre wave materials for LAN / PAN with non-condensed high data transfer and radar for anti‐collision systems on vehicles. Fabrication Processes and Technologies, Modelling, Evaluation Methods, Nano Structures and Preparation Methods, Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing

Applications and Passive Components:

Materials of nearfield, satellite and millimeter wave communications, Thz applications, microwave sensing for automotive and safety applications, electronic materials for biomedicine and human health, LTCC Materials and Composites, Tuneable Devices, SAW and BAW Filters, 4G and 5G telecoms materials at high GHz frequencies

Functional Advances in Microwave Dielectrics:

Terahertz applications, Applications of resonant coupling such as temperature sensor, wireless power transfer, Electromagnetic wave absorbers, Extreme transparency ceramics using isotropic microwave dielectrics, Metamaterials and photonics

SPECIAL MMA2020 TOPIC: Breakthrough Processing Techniques

Additive manufacturing and 3D printing, low temperature sintering, ultra low temperature co-fired ceramics (ULTCC), spark plasma sintering, etc.

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University of Aveiro
SPM - Portuguese Materials Society


30 août 2020 -
2 septembre 2020


Universidade de Aveiro, Institute of Materials
Avenida João Jacinto de Magalhães, Aveiro


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