Characterization of fatigue and damage tolerance performance of welded stainless steels under cryogenic condition coupled with Hydrogen exposure

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Job description:

The mechanical response of metallic materials, especially stainless steels, is known to be influenced not only by mechanical loading (static versus cyclic, strain rate and frequency,…), but also at various magnitude by many different factors such as temperature, environmental exposure, manufacturing processes. In addition these factors can interact with mechanical loading in a complex manner. Robust material & processes selection compatible with long-term hydrogen exposure needs therefore to explore potential coupling effects between environment factors associated with a long-term exposure and mechanical loading encountered during service.


The main goal of the research activities is to explore the coupling effects between hydrogen, low temperature (down to cryogenic) exposure and cyclic mechanical loading on a selected grade of stainless steel.

In order to achieve this goal the scientific program will in particular include:

Numerical simulation of Hydrogen diffusion and concentration at the macroscale during complex temperature-pressure cycle :
Mapping of H content gradient / concentration
Definition of representative testing condition
Critical functional point to be identified (high desorption…)
Assessment of Fatigue & Damage Tolerance properties in base material and welded material for different exposure conditions
Failure mechanism characterization
Characterization of Hydrogen / Temperature / Loading coupling
Opportunity to benchmark alternative welding and/or post-treatment VS baseline

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Required skills

We are looking for candidates with the following skills and experience:

Educated to Master degree level (or equivalent) in Material science, Mechanical engineering or a related discipline.

Technical skills:

Deep knowledge in Metallurgy (an experience on Steels would be appreciated)
Proven experience in metallurgical characterization & mechanical testing (tensile testing, fatigue & damage tolerance, metallography…)
Modeling capability

Soft skills:

Language : French / English (fluent)
Autonomous, problem-solving, meticulous
Capacity for synthesis (regular reporting / presentation)
Cet emploi exige une connaissance des risques de conformité potentiels et un engagement à agir avec intégrité, comme base de la réussite, de la réputation et de la croissance durable de la société.

Unité légale : Airbus Operations SAS

Type de contrat : PHD, Research Contract / Doctorat, Contrat CIFRE / Doktorandenvertrag / Tesis doctoral

Niveau d’expérience : Student / Etudiant / Student / Estudiante

Famille d’emplois : Matériaux & Procédés