Study of thin-walled structures repaired by CLAD deposition

12 months - 2800 €/month gross

École Polytechnique - Palaiseau

Personnes à contacter par le candidat

Eric Charkaluk -




The objective of the post-doc proposed by the LMS is an experimental analysis of the elastoplastic properties of materials repaired or manufactured by cladding under monotonic tensile and / or shear loading. We will be particularly interested in:

  • residual stresses and strains resulting from the manufacturing process,
  • the effect of microstructural gradients,
  • depending on the work progress, the effect of dynamic stresses (Hopkinson bars)

To carry out this work, optical and thermal measurements will be carried out during manufacturing on the BeAM Mobile machine present at the LMS, measurements which will make it possible to estimate the thermal gradients as well as the deformations induced by the process.

Tensile and shear specimens will be taken from the manufactured thin plates in order to stress the samples under different loading modes, few shear results being available in the literature, and none in the presence of gradients.

Tests under SEM will make it possible to observe the deformation mechanisms in the case of tension, as they have been carried out in recent work (see bibliography: Guevenoux et al. and Balit et al.). Depending on the time remaining, additional dynamic compression tests on Hopkinson bars will be carried out.