Study of the thermal-hydraulic behavior of a glass-liquid metal system under a low frequency inductive field.

12 months

CEA Marcoule - Gard - France

Personnes à contacter par le candidat

Patrice CHARVIN - ;
Olga Budenkova -




The Post-Doc will consists of 4 stages:

  • A synthetic bibliographical study,
  • Mastering of the existing magneto-hydraulic model,
  • Carrying out a parametric study on the AC stirring as a function of the glass amount loaded in the system and the properties of the glass (viscosity, density),
  • The development of a thermal model to be coupled with the existing model to evaluate the power source, the heat flows and the temperatures within the liquid phases. This model will allow one to define the limits for amounts of metal and glass in the system and to identify the ways to optimize the fusion. The modelling of radiation at the surface (current control data) will have to be implemented.