Screw extrusion of recycled materials

Remunerated - 3/4 years

NTNU - Norwegian University of Science and Technology - Trondheim

Personnes à contacter par le candidat

Professor Marisa Di Sabatino Lundberg, -
Professor Knut Marthinsen,



A PhD fellowship on screw extrusion of recycled materials within the frame of the SFI PhysMet (Centre for Sustainable and Competitive Metallurgical and Manufacturing Industry; is offered at the Department of Materials Science and Engineering. The position is linked to Research Activity (RA) 3-Sustainable and high performance material development.

The novel Screw extrusion (SE) process represents huge potential in physical metallurgy. In principle this is a continuous extrusion process where granules of the material to be extruded are fed into one end of the extruder and a solid profile comes out in the other end. So far it has mainly been used for aluminium, but it may also be used for other metals. As the feedstock is granular, the technology offers a lot of new opportunities, some of which are: i) direct extrusion of scrap into new products; ii) develop new alloys based on mechanical mixtures of granules of different Al alloys or mixtures of different metals/materials; iii) Screw extrusion of rapidly solidified materials (ribbons, powder, needles) into products or semi-products. The work will include experimental trials in terms of material design, process parameter study, characterisation of microstructures and evaluation of properties.