Investigation of the casting and hot deformation behaviour of a new copper alloy for the watchmaking industry

12 months - paid

Neuchatel, Suisse

Personnes à contacter par le candidat

Dr Baptiste Rouxel, Tél: + 41 79 427 39 04, -
Dr Cyril Cayron, Tél: + 41 76 560 50 52, -
Pr Roland Logé, Tél: + 41 21 695 42 69,


The copper-beryllium Cu-Be alloys demonstrate fantastic mechanical performances among copper alloys. However, their use is progressively forbidden in watches because of the toxicity of Be vapours during the early steps of the metallurgical process. There is an urgent need to investigate and develop alternative alloys. Supported by the major watchmakers in Switzerland, the ASRH (Association Suisse de Recherche Horlogère) is launching a strategic project open to the entire Swiss watchmaking industry, which is committed to the search for alloys to replace CuBe. In this context and collaboration with the ASRH, the EPFL metallurgical laboratory LMTM is opening a post-doc position to investigate the casting and hot deformation of behaviour of an alternative copper alloy.